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Who is ANSELMI? He is an international artist well known in USA, Switzerland, also in Italy and Especially in New Zealand , but in Europe mostly again. He paints a huge range of animals and he uses these animals to tell through the symbol of each animal the human beings story and life situations in a very amusing and ironical way . Animals are representing men and women in particular situations of normal life , - When you get drunk ... when you go for hollidays , when you are among good fellows for a friendly dinner , or when you are in gym or with a woman and so on situations very different but we all can recognize our personal situation inside those animals and those paintings of ANSELMI'S- But the story is not so simple , infact Anselmi is well known also for his way of representing the world of Mistery , of the magical world of Celtik and other culture of the past and from worlwide cultures. His way of painting is so agreable that you can't think to be in front of a masterpiece of art but in front of yourself , you can find the spirit of yourself and the child you still are or you were , you can see the life in a new dimension, because through the opaintings of ANSELM's you understand the we all Human Beings are so human and so normal each other , and in this way you understand how stupid is to make wars and how stupid is to hate anybody.