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Paintboard a selection of new works

Andrea Finck "Landschaft 2050", Painting

Andrea Finck, Landschaft 2050, Miscellaneous Landscapes, Nature, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Beate Ehmann "Holz", Photographs

Beate Ehmann, Holz, Abstract art, Plants: Trees, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Henri Lehmann "Milky way with calm sea", Painting

Henri Lehmann, Milky way with calm sea, Landscapes: Sea/Ocean, Nature: Water, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Christine Blum "Gelbes Herz", Painting

Christine Blum, Gelbes Herz, Abstract art, Abstract Art, Expressionism
Andrea Kasper "Handspiel", Painting

Andrea Kasper, Handspiel, Abstract art, Emotions, New Image Painting, Expressionism
Kestutis Jauniskis "Summer Motif 1", Painting

Kestutis Jauniskis, Summer Motif 1, Landscapes: Plains, Action Painting, Expressionism
ReMara "Wasserdschungel", Painting

ReMara, Wasserdschungel, Miscellaneous Landscapes, Fantasy, Contemporary Art, Expressionism
Beatrice Gugliotta "Papagai Zuzumi", Painting

Beatrice Gugliotta, Papagai Zuzumi, Animals: Air, Nature, New Figurative Art, Expressionism
Barbara Schauß "HOT SUMMER NIGHT II", Painting

Barbara Schauß, HOT SUMMER NIGHT II, Abstract art, Miscellaneous, Abstract Expressionism
Gabriele Schmalfeldt "o.T. 16/19", Painting

Gabriele Schmalfeldt, o.T. 16/19, Nature, Landscapes, Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism